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Extended Contracts

Extended Contracts

A Journey to a Worry-Free RV Ownership

Bish’s RV believes RV owners should only have to focus on the journey that leads them to their destination. A worry-free RV ownership starts with an extended contract plan. At Bish’s RV, we are proud to provide our customers with different service and warranty options. Depending on you needs, we have an option that will fit your budget and your lifestyle.

The Route 66 RV Service Contract Plan

Route 66 RV Network’s commitment to customer care starts with a Coverage Service Contract Plan. The Classic Coverage Plus Plan is backed by an A+ Rated Insurance Company, Assurant Solutions. The plan is as comprehensive as it is easy-to-use and it gives you….

  • Worry-Free Protection against Unexpected Repairs.
  • Comprehensive Coverage and Benefit Options.
  • Professional Claims Administration with Over 35 Years Experience
  • Protection throughout the United States and Canada at all Network and Non-Network Dealerships.

The Classic Coverage Plus Plan allows you to subtract $66 from your standard $100 deductible if you have your service work performed through one of our 150+ Service Centers across North America, making your deductible $34. If you’re not near a Route 66 RV Network location when a repair is needed, repairs can be done at any qualified repair facility outside the ROUTE 66 RV Network with no reduction in deductible. Just make sure they call the claims number to get the repair approved before proceeding. The coverage plan fits with any budget and a payment plan is available. If you sell your RV, the Route 66 Classic Coverage Plus Plan is transferable to the next owner.

Additional Benefits Route 66 may include

  • Towing
  • Service Calls
  • Key Lockout
  • Tech Support
  • Pet Boarding
  • Gas Delivery*
  • Roadside Assistance/Flat Tire Repair
  • Trip interruption room & board allowance
  • Rental Car*
  • Food Spoilage

Xzilon Molecular Adhesive Spray

Xzilon was initially developed by Granitize Products, Inc. for the aviation industry. The product has since been formulated in different versions to add additional protection to both the exterior and interior of an RV. Xzilon differentiates itself from other environmental protection products by its chemistry. It’s not a wax. It’s a Molecular Adhesion and is formulated to withstand extreme conditions.

Exterior Protection:

  • Filters harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Reduces frequency of washing
  • Resists damage from:
    • Water Spots
    • Industrial Fallout
    • Rust Spots
    • Acid Rain
    • Damage from Tree Sap
    • Oxidation and Fading
    • Bird Drops and Etching

Interior Protection – Fabric and Carpet Protector

  • Protects against water and oil-based spills
  • Increases tensile strength of the fabric to add years of life
  • Will not alter fabric appearance or texture
  • Fabric will clean easier, look better and last longer

Interior Protection – Vinyl and Leather Protector

  • High quality Mink Oil keeps vinyl and leather soft and supple
  • Protects against fading and weather aging
  • Unlike other protectors, Xzilon leaves no oily or greasy residue
  • Leather will retain its natural luster and sheen

Tire Shield

Tire Shield is a contract of protected coverage strictly for road hazard damage to tires on new and pre-owned vehicles. Road hazards are those unusual conditions that may occur on the highway such as pot holes, nails, glass, and other hazardous materials. If it becomes necessary to repair or replace one of the tires on your vehicle because of a road hazard condition, Tire Shield’s Road hazard Tire Protection offers you peace-of-mind protection you’ve been looking for.

Tire Shield Covers:

  • The cost for repair required on your tires for covered damage
  • The cost for the replacement of any tire unable to be repaired, no pro-ration adjustment, or deduction required from you
  • The cost for the replacement or repair of your rim due to damage caused by tire failure of a tire protected by Tire Shield
  • The cost for the mounting and balancing of replacement tires
  • Up to $100 for a road service call on a related claim covered by the contract
  • All sales tax related to repair or replacement of a covered claim